Weronika Goles

Weronika is a London-based, British/Polish photographer specialising in Fashion Image, Editorial and Portraiture. Within her work she wants to further highlight and explore topics of: Identity and Inclusivity. In the process of creating work she also participates in Creative Direction, Casting elements and Image re touch.

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Beyond the Skin

'Beyond the Skin' is a series of images, in a publication format, representing the collaboration of the model and photographer. Capturing the female body with the removal of the male gaze.

So Close Yet so Far

A single image from a series of two lovers who cannot come close due to the pandemic.

I am more

This series of images is a study of the female figure through a ballet dancer. Evoking the emotions of vulnerability, sensuality and grace. Inspiration came from Weronika's interest in ballet and the art of dance.


This series based on Femininity and Identity, captures a stereotypically 'pretty' photo and how it is perceived. Does the subjects beauty come from the makeup or is it from who she is?