Charlotte Bell

Hi, I'm Charlotte a Fashion and Textiles graduate. I am a versatile designer who specialises in Womenswear and Surface design. I love to create abstract and expressive print designs using various materials such as oil, pastel and watercolour. I enjoy being free with my designing and mark making. When Screen printing, I love to layer pattern and colour creating depth within each print.
I want to create garment and print designs that express happiness and comfort. In recent times we have needed to take more time for ourselves than ever, and creating pieces that can distract from life in

a pandemic through bold colour and pattern has been my main focus.

Urban Camouflage

Based on my urban environment around Bristol, I have created a series of surface print designs. This design specifically, is based on the colourful houses of Cliftonwood.

Urban Camouflage

My contextualised lineup features the bold print shown previously, inspired by Bristol.

Urban Uniform

'Urban Uniform' is the garment collection that sits alongside the print collection 'Urban camouflage'. This collection was also based on Bristol, pinpointing the boats in the harbour. Using the 'A' line shapes from the boat masts.


The body of work that this surface design has come from revolves around the Dazzle ships used in WW2. I have taken colour and shape reference from the narrowboats found on Bristol's Harbourside.


Reference has been taken similarly to the previous post. These pattern designs are to be used on silk scarves.

The Industrial Crane

Repeat screen print based upon the negative shapes found in the Cranes, located next to M-Shed Bristol.