Cheyenne Strathmann

I am an experienced Fashion Textiles Graduate and Clothing Technical Assistant with a passion for creative pattern cutting and a wide understanding and knowledge of sewing and textiles.
Whilst being at University I have specialised in unisex fashion. Due to my training in clothing technology, I also have well developed skills in designing womenswear as well as a good understanding of textile manufacturing. I use creative Pattern Cutting techniques to generate complex shapes that can be worn in multiple ways and therefore are accessible for a variety of different body shapes.
I am very keen on learning about new

manufacturing techniques. Creating and working with textiles is also something that I practice outside of University. I take part in creative jobs and competitions to gain experience, develop my skills and expand my knowledge.

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Devolution - Beyond Earth

This project explores the possibilities of a life in space following by an evolution of the human body and how it will respond when we have to adapt to living in a new environment.

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Trapped, Adapt, Resume (Pre-Collection)

With this project, I explored what it means for us human beings and our bodies to be stuck in an enclosed space and examined the feeling of the unknown, the feeling of working and living in isolation.

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Between Isolation, Exploration and the Unknown (FMP Collection)

This unisex collection focuses on the construction and transformability of the garments to achieve voluminous silhouettes without padding in order to symbolise the distortion of our body posture caused by living and working in a confined space.

Between Isolation, Exploration and the Unknown (Work Process)

This is a short film in support of my final collection, explaining my work ethos and unique design process. It gives an insight into my creative mind and demonstrates the transformability of my garments.

Between Isolation, Exploration and the Unknown (Creative Pattern Cutting)

Within my design process, I often concentrate on creative pattern cutting. This is a short film demonstrating my unique approach of using silhouettes and shapes. It showcases how I create my outstanding pattern pieces.

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