Lucas James

My career interests are in all things camera and lighting. I work mostly in fictional drama productions but I am up for any type of creative project.

I am a frequent Arri Alexa Mini user and have just finished directing my graduate short film. Upon graduation I am seeking Camera Trainee, AC and Camera Operator opportunities. I am passionate about the visuals of cinema and my skills are in cinematography, camera operating, film lighting and colour grading.

I also enjoy keeping up with my own videography and photography personal projects with JIB. I have a lot of experience

with Adobe Creative Suite and am currently learning Avid Media Composer.

Always looking for new projects and collaboration. Feel free to get in touch!

The Boy & The Balloon

A short film following a supermarket employee's routine mundane job when it is interrupted by an annoying child.

2021 Showreel

The latest reel of work from JIB. Featuring short films, fashion campaigns, commercials, documentaries, lighting experiments and much more!

PDF - click image to view

Lighting the Face

A study of lighting the face. Seeing exactly how painting with light can change appearance. Through light position, intensity and colour. Experimenting with different set ups and seeing what each light can do to sculpt a three dimensional image.

The Promise of Happiness

Fashion campaign in collaboration with photographer Alesha Hickmans.

Behind the Bullet - Jake Ryan

Behind the Bullet is a series of documentary shorts giving an inside look to University American Football. Seeing what it takes to be the best.

Damian Short Film

A comedy following a funeral director who attempts to win back his ex-girlfriend when directing her own mother’s funeral.