Rae Durgerian

​I am a Fashion Textiles artist and designer, interested in the circular economy, zero miles and zero waste design and sustainable material alternatives. I use list-making and photography to document my artistic processes and I create long-lasting, durable workwear influenced zero miles garments, for all genders and ages. Most recently my work has been focussed on creating new materials from my natural surroundings, exploring seaweed leathers, waxed materials and locally sourced wool from the urban flocks of Brighton. I aim to educate people on slow, climate-friendly fashion, and bring natural fibres to the fore.

Primary Research Page

Portfolio page exploring the natural materials of the Biosphere in Brighton, mapping the land and using naturally foraged resources to create textured samples. Chalk, Clay, Beeswax, Seaweed.

Preliminary Samples

Samples made using naturally sourced materials from the Brighton Biosphere. Created on a recycled wool base. Sample materials include Red Clay Bioleather, Waste beeswax, Chalk, and Charcoal.

Portfolio Research and Sampling Page

Exploring the wool of the Urban Flocks of Brighton, looking at the clothing of the farmers, the materials of the landscape and the topographical laylines of Brighton maps.

3D Development Page

Exploring hard-wearing multi-size unisex clothing, subverting the narrative of the 'fast fashion' T-shirt, creating long-lasting multigenerational items of clothing with emotional durability.

Final Outcomes

Two hand felted vests created from Southdown wool foraged from the Brighton landscape. Hand stitched detailing using organic cotton thread, and hand ground chalk emulsion yoke details. Hand felted textured stomach detail.

Final Piece Photos

Zero Miles garments, designed, foraged, made, worn and photographed in the landscape of The Brighton Biosphere. Fully Compostable, slow sustainable fashion outcomes.