Claudia Gandhi

Hi, I’m Claudia! I’m a 2021 graduate of UWE Bristol specialising in embroidery design and fabric manipulation for both menswear and gender-neutral clothing. My work is heavily grounded in conceptual research, drawing links between natural and industrial spaces and salient social and political issues. I feel most inspired when I get to explore my ideas in the studio through technical sampling and experimentation with screen-print and embroidery to combine with my silhouette development. I am drawn to a utilitarian aesthetic and believe garments should be built to last, loved and repaired.

A Manifesto For Considerate Fashion Practice

It is no secret that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters of our planet, meaning that as graduates entering the sector, we have a huge responsibility to drive change and design for circularity.

Eat The Rich

An exploration of liminality, transitional boundaries, and regeneration.

Eat The Rich

A textile collection comprising of screenprint and hand embroidery on overdyed linen, silk, and cotton garments purchased from charity shops.

Order In The House

There is safety in structure. Sometimes we must be confined in order to feel free.

Order In The House

Where comfort might traditionally be associated with soft textures and warmth, for many it resides in routine, structure, and solidity. This collection is an investigation of uniform and the alternative comfort to be found in it.

Devil's Gold

Labour as a ritual, repetition for survival, and the strata of industrialism.