Nicol Jalowiecka

I am passionate about both menswear and womenswear with a focus on intriguing, textured, one of a kind knit structures and performance activewear informed by the body itself.

Within my practice, I ensure that I always create by thinking outside the box to ensure my outcomes stand out and entice others. I do this by utilising my photography skills to create a series of photographs that often inform my colour palettes and silhouettes. I love exploring the movement of the human body and its unconventional abilities, often taking these silhouettes to develop a basis for my silhouette work. I ensure

to understand my market deeply through research and observation, to have a clear sense and knowledge of their needs.

As for my aspirations, I want to create and design garments I feel proud of, garments that clearly represent me and my design style.

Footprints of Existance Moodboard

Footprints of Existance Moodboard

Footprints of Existance Visuals

The New Denim