Olivia Baxter

As a designer, I enjoy creating humorous and lighthearted bodies of work. I relish in the use of vintage references and mixed media to develop oversized silhouettes throughout my garment designs. I also use research and my love of illustration to inform playful and eccentric textiles and I am able to turn the more mundane into something beautiful.

Cream of the Crop - Seed packets 1-6

My initial Cream of the Crop research meant I had some fun starting points and initial imagery for my ideas. I created my seed packets with vivid colours and quirky illustrations to create large scale textiles

Cream of the Crop

This project explores the fun and whimsical side of Victorian era garments and the traditional folklore festival costumes. I thoroughly enjoyed the exaggerated shapes in silhouette, these forced me to design past the form of the body.

Sweet heart, grow up - Textile collection

I asked a large group of people to anonymously submit to me their nostalgic song. The response I got was amazing and I collated the best quotes and lyric selection which then informed the pinstripe and check textile collection.

Sweet heart, grow up - illustration

Contextualisations of the 'Sweet heart, grow up' textile collection on oversized silhouettes using collage and mixed media.

Stay Sunny

Stay sunny is a piece from my rug punch collection. My work uses vivid colours and hand drawn imagery to create playful, tactile and professional outcomes.

Cream of the Crop - sleeve sample

I enjoy being able to use exaggerated silhouettes and classic techniques like shirring and ruffles to create shape through my garments.

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