Hat Fidkin

Hat Fidkin’s research-based practice explores the entanglement of metaphysics, postfeminism and transhumanist perspectives through both organic and technological developments in both the present and imagined universes. Drawing on their theory of ‘science fiction as science fact’, their meditations on our existence and what lies beyond it are questioned through the mycelial practice of modular synthesis, video works, speculative prose and the experimental essay. Conversations surrounding consciousness expansion, alchemy and symbiosis are encouraged, looking towards alternative, more optimistic futures.

They presented their research from their dissertation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, after achieving 90% for exceptional work.

In the future Fidkin

hopes to complete a masters in Sound Art (Bath Spa) or Art, Space and Nature (Edinburgh). They will work in academia, continue producing electronic music and experimental film, and further their studies in sound consciousness, spirituality and metaphysics.

womb expanded

2021. Shot on Super 8mm colour reversal film, 4 mins 28 secs. Queer souls are seeded on Uranus. This film explores our time spent on the gas giant before journeying to Earth for our second gestation.


2020. Digital video in 4K. Camera- Hannah Suharto, Directed by Harriet Fidkin. 6 mins 45 secs. tintinnabulum is an imagined world; maybe it exists on the edge of a forest, or perhaps outside of our solar system.

double infinity (demo)

2021. VCV eurorack simulator (modular synthesiser). 4 mins 55 secs.

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Matter Poetics, Melange and the Lichenised Posthuman

2020, Experimental Essay. How Artists and Writers Present Visions of an Interconnected Life Between Man and Non-Human Others in the Age of the Anthropocene.

a wave, diffracted. a womb, expanded.

2021. How I wired my virtual modular synthesiser to produce original soundtrack for my super 8 video 'womb expanded'.