Alice Constance

I'm Alice Constance, a digital illustrator, enthusiastic about shedding light on the climate crisis and how to tackle it. I have a passion for editorial and creating emotive work that inspires change. I have created work for companies such as Greenpeace Falmouth, to support their fight for a greener planet and I aspire to continue to create work for like-minded companies.

Irreversible Emissions

An editorial response to an article about how we need to protect our arctic climates from irreversible damaged caused by emissions.

Green Recovery

A series of illustrations created for Greenpeace Falmouth to support their talks on green recovery, plastic oceans and green transport.

Krill Oil

An editorial response to an article about industrial fishing for krill in the pristine waters around Antarctica and how it is threatening the future of one of the world’s last great wildernesses!

Paper Parks

Greenpeace have been monitoring supertrawlers movements in Marine Protected Areas around the UK. These MPAs have been described as “paper parks” because they lack rules to protect them, in fact most actually permit intensive fishing and other damaging activities.

Sustainable Sea

I’m sure you’ve all seen Seaspiracy on Netflix by now, here’s my response to the documentary and issues raised within it, such as bycatch in tuna fishing, the dangers dolphins are facing and the threats to shark species.

Live Worse For Less

An editorial response to an article addressing how Sainsbury’s half measures for dealing with pointless plastic are just not cutting it!