Curtis Pyke

I'm an extremely motivated and driven person, with big ideas that I'm not afraid to act on. For example my film 'Marc Goddard: The Third Man', was a concept I had no idea how to pull off when I pitched it. After a couple of months I taught myself and my team how to animate whilst working on the project, with the final film premiering on BT Sport with amazing success.

I am experienced in working within company briefs, coming up with my own ideas and creating professional work. This can be seen in my extensive work with Cage

Warriors and my film for Sport Inspired.

I am passionate about documentary filmmaking, with huge ambitions to document big characters particularly within sport. My company Curly Top will be the professional platform in which this work will be produced, with the aim to grow into a recognised brand.

Showreel 2020 - Curly Top/Curtis Pyke

2020 Showreel. Showcasing my work in commercial and documentary work within a variety of subject areas.

Marc Goddard: The Third Man

UFC referee details the challenges and rewards of a career in one of the toughest jobs in sport, illustrated through this animated documentary. Premiered by BT Sport.

Apex Fightwear 'Reach Your Apex' Advert

Short commercial for Apex Fightwear, with the concept of reaching your peak.

Cage Warriors Unlocked: THE TRILOGY Vlog Series

The most recent episode of Cage Warriors Unlocked. A behind the scenes look into THE TRILOGY fight weeks, featuring stars such as Paddy Pimblett, Morgan Charriere and Ian Garry.

Champion DI - Jetsons

Music Video for upcoming artist Champion DI.

Sport Inspired #YearofPlay Animation Film

Short animated film to be the face of Sport Inspired's #YearofPlay campaign.