Jocelyn Brett

Jocelyn Brett is a multimedia artist working in research, writing, video, sound, and performance. Their research based-practice is interdisciplinary; drawing on anthropological and philosophical theories. Focused on the human reaction to the digital Anthropocene, indicating the cognitive dissonance presented from a world that is simultaneously ‘connected’ yet ever more polarized. Jocelyn’s work explores the limits of discomfort and themes of bodily autonomy on a micro and macro scale.
I am ambitious to further my interdisciplinary research and artistic practice; cross-pollinating ideas from multitudes of disciplines. I intend to investigate creativity and social/personal wellbeing.
Selected for the Deans

Selected with Natasha Watson for the Street Corner Reading Rooms – Bristol
Shortlisted for Paedogenic project funding at UWE
Group Exhibition, Earth Bodies (postponed due to Covid) Awarded as winners of exhibition proposal contest
Awarded a high first in Independent Research Project
Presented at 2021 Undergraduate Research Symposium

BUBBLES - 2020

Four 4k Videos edited onto one screen. 1 min 11 Sec. Camera - Hannah Suharto. Model - Hat Fidkin. Please use headphones. ~ This work explores the suffocating aspect of confinement and 'social bubbles' created by lockdown laws.

SPIT - 2020

4k Video. 1 min 12 Sec. Camera - Hannah Suharto Please use headphones. ~ This work examines the discomfort of taboo's such as bodily fluid and pornographic sexual tension exacerbated by isolation.


Digital Film. 1 min 43 sec. Please use headphones. ~ This work examines the mania of being claustrophobic in ones body and experience. The quote used for the audio is from 'I LOVE DICK' by Chris Kraus.

ROLL -2021

Digital Film. 4 min 2 sec. Please use headphones. ~ This work examines the comforting aspect of claustrophobia. The innocent appeal of being wholly surrounded and safe, contrasting with the discomfort and fear that comes with constraint and control.

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COVID-19 and the Virus of Everyday Life

My Independent Research Project - An exploration into how distorted time perception and memory during lockdown may shape our society Post-Covid. This article is one of my most important works, I aim to continue this research.

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Zooming Bubbles of Spit

Artistic and analytical writing exploring the themes of isolation, confinement, taboo and sexual tension.