Megan Sedgwick

For the first two years of my filmmaking degree, I specialised in producing. This allowed me to be involved in the filmmaking process all the way from pre to post production. In my final year, I branched out into writing/directing to give myself some more creative control. I loved working with every department to hone the film's creative vision and watching my script come to life on screen. This experience encourages me to pursue more writer/director opportunities.

Gaining knowledge and experience from producing and directing, I've developed a wide and transferable skillset that I am excited to use in the



This short comedy that I wrote and directed tells the story of Tim who makes several desperate attempts to steal his neighbours WiFi . I was extremely happy to win Best Writer at our course graduate screening.

Jaffa Space

Here is a 30 second commercial I wrote/directed for the NAHEMI Kodak competition which shows two curious aliens investigating Jaffa Cakes. The ad came second place in the McVities brief.


I worked as production designer for the NHS Say No campaign video which we created to fight for a 15% pay rise and protection from privatisation. It gained a lot of attention getting over 20,000 views.


I produced a short documentary which focuses on the subject of incarceration and rehabilitation in the UK. We followed Toni as he tells us his story.

Erotic Secrets of Pompeii

Last summer I produced a music video for a Bristol based band. It was for their song RORSCHACH RORSCHACH, being their most successful music video yet.


Towards the end of last year I decided to train in how to use SketchUp. I decided to design a big set build from a script I wrote in my first year of university. I loved my final design.