Kaynat Kader

Kaynat is a multi-disciplinary artist with a key interest in the process and concept of projects. People and stories have been a reoccurring subject throughout her projects in a broad sense. Though she works mainly in digital media (photography, filming, photoshop), she has picked up skills such as metal work, resin and screen printing and is constantly testing and learning new mediums to explore her practice.

She is professional at any work she picks up and has an eye for details. She has been a student ambassador and has delivered multiple talks and workshops to students looking to

pursue creative arts in higher education. She's organized and is a reliable teammate.

oh, it's nothing

Digital Image; This project looked at communication and language. It also tapped into personal letters of the public.

UWE Jets

This project represented the lifestyle and also personalities of a sports group at university.


Sculptural, abstract work looking at thoughts and communication.

Memories I

Video documenting memories and the essence of nostalgia.