Rhiannon Jenkins

I'm Rhiannon, a UWE Film graduate of May 2021. I am passionate about using film as a means to draw attention to issues and shed light on stories we might not otherwise see in the media. As a female filmmaker, I feel diversity in the crew is important in order to make a great film.

Recent achievements include winning 'Best Cinematography' award for the NAHEMI Kodak competition, along with our advert coming second best in brief.

In the future, I'd love to have built up a portfolio of work that can have a positive impact on the world, and make

my audience empathise with the stories I share.

Kitchen Sink Bristol

This is a still from a Super 8 film I shot using expired 1979 Kodak Kodachrome 4o, which I hand-developed using Caffenol in my kitchen sink. The film features Bristol's skate scene.


A documentary of Cornish youth during lockdown. Filmed by contributors.


A still from a short campaign film I wrote and directed for the Forgotten Students campaign, which criticises the government's dismissal of University students during Covid-19.

Talking Through Walls

A still from a short film I wrote and directed, set in 1980's Bristol, surrounding graffiti culture and the impact it has on youth in underfunded areas.

Harbouring Dreams

A BTS from a commercial I shot using the Aaton Ltr54, which won Best Cinematography for the NAHEMI Kodak Commercial competition.

Jaffa Space

A still from a commercial I shot using the Arriflex SR3A, which won 2nd Best in Brief in the NAHEMI Kodak Commercial Competition.