Karrie Mannan

I left a career in property at 30 to pursue this degree and three years later, I have become a multidisciplinary illustrator who loves experimenting with new materials and trying new processes with 2D and 3D outcomes. For the last year I have been working towards creating a campaign to end loneliness in the elderly through characters and stories I have created, which I aim to take city wide. The campaign uses silent narratives to engage the reader in the life of a lonely elderly person which will be used to create promotional materials for local charities that highlight

ways in which the public can reach out to change that persons day. I'm inspired by stop motion directors such as Anna Mantzaris and Catherine Prowse and aspire to eventually direct my own short, animated films that highlight social issues and injustice.

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End Loneliness In The Elderly Leaflet

A leaflet promoting ways to help end loneliness in the elderly. This leaflet tells the story of Pearl, a lonely elderly lady who can't eat much... until she receives a gift that changes her day. Set made entirely from paper.

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Storyboard for Pearl's Leaflet

The story of Pearl. An elderly lady who can't cook much since her arthritis got too bad, so now she lives off egg on toast everyday. Until a kind neighbour delivers a parcel...

Paper chair made for Pearl's story

I constructed Pearl's set entirely from paper (apart from the eggs which are clay). This chair is one of my favourite items from the set.

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Campaign to End Loneliness in the Elderly

A mock bus stop campaign to highlight ending loneliness in the elderly by taking action to change their day. This campaign promotes signing up to a befriending service by telling the story of Mr. Whiskers who spends all day silence.

Storyboard for Mr. Whiskers

Keyframes from a silent narrative encapsulating the loneliness of Mr. Whiskers. The story promotes a way to reach out to let an lonely elderly person know that you are thinking of them....


Created at the very start of the pandemic, I was inspired to draw this exploration of different characters after Covid-19 first came to the UK, when everyone started to get very paranoid about each other and catching the virus.