Evan Preston

A devoted film student, I have a solid understanding of filmmaking but continually seek out new skills and knowledge to improve further. I am a confident communicator who works well with others to be an asset on set. I enjoy solving problems and will do what it takes to help make a vision come to life. I have always felt a compulsion to create. This has developed into my fascination for filmmaking: a desire to shape new worlds, invent new characters and produce a unique experience for my audience. I aim to direct films which combine strongly constructed narratives

with arresting visuals. I am captivated by themes of 'retribution', 'mortality' and 'duality'. I am now looking for work experience as part of a film crew and pride myself on my reliability, creativity and keeping calm under pressure.

Evan Preston - Showreel 2021

Evan Preston's film work edited together in a compilation format

The Eye of the Beholder

A short thriller about two friends that are put to the ultimate test when they are invited to the house of the mysterious ‘Beholder’.

Harbouring Dreams

A 30-second Kodak commercial that draws parallels between the soothing nature of the ocean and a comfortable night’s sleep on a ‘Dreams’ mattress.