A natural history documentary filmmaker based in Ahmedabad, India, I have been fortunate enough to be able to choose the path of telling stories of the natural world through an audio visual medium.
I started by photographing local wildlife on the outskirts of my city since 2012. Having been fortunate enough to travel and tell stories from the jungles of India, there was a need to develop narratives which can trigger/encourage a change on the policy level. Marrying technology with storytelling, my vision is to deliver stories from the natural world in an impactful manner, informed by my

BA Psychology and MA Virtual & Extended Realities.

For The Stripes (2020)

In the woods of Ranthambore National Park - where art, history, wildlife and mankind find themselves intertwined - a deaf and mute artist initiates tiger conservation through his paintings as the struggle between humans and tigers becomes tense.

Wheeled Wings (2018)

Wheeled Wings is a documentary about Janwaar, a village in the heart of India witnessing and experiencing cultural change through highly unusual developmental techniques.

A fragile world.

With each passing year, the Himalayan belt is experiencing a loss in the snowfall, an source of water for all species surviving within it. A representation. Terrain and 3 dimensional box made in Unity.