Finlay Thompson

Having spent the majority of my time at university focused on working on as many projects as possible, I've created a wide range of films. This work includes Mockumentary, Narrative, Live Sports, documentary and experimental. I feel that I have shot and covered a lot of forms of media.

It was during my third year where I decided to pursue sound recording and design. Knowing this I have taken on sound related roles on each university project and even on projects outside on university.

My next step is to try and join a production company as a sound designer.

As for sound recording I want get onto bigger sets to advanced my skills and on set knowledge.


An elderly woman battles with the deterioration of her own mind. Shot partly digital and partly on 16mm

The Bums Rush

A mockumentary that follows Steve, an enforcement officer on his first job outside the office.

Behind The Bullet - Jake Ryan

A short interview with UWE Bullets star player Jake Ryan.

Benji - Mini Doc

Short doc about a student who goes above and beyond to make sure we remember the homeless.

Foley Demo Reel

A short demo reel demonstrating what range of sounds I can produce using foley.

The Boy and The Balloon

A short film about letting go of the past.