Jack Chapman

Through my time at UWE I have worked as a Director, Producer and 1st AD. I am interested in working with other creatives to capture factual or fiction fiction projects that reflect a lived human experience, stories that need to be documented and told so that someone else who needs to see and hear them may have that opportunity. Looking to the future, I plan to capture more personal and local stories that reveal the life around us.


A 10-minute documentary about the queer scene within Bristol circa. 2019 and the powerful and varied people that work on the stage and behind the scenes to create safe spaces for this beautiful community.

Tea Time | NAHEMI Kodak Commercial Entry

A NAHEMI Kodak Commercial Entry, shot on 35mm film, which I produced and set dress. Working with an absolutely outstanding crew and cast, it won the Best Cinematography award.

Mum, Dad and Stan.

A short autobiographical piece I asked my family about things that had affected me at the start of the first lockdown and found out how they related to it.


CHECKOUT follows the mundane day-to-day life of Sarah, when she loses her supermarket job, she is forced to re-evaluate what she wants out of life. Sarah is able to find solace and peace of mind in the powerful ocean.

Soil Association Commercial /Hand-drawn Animatic

A 30-second hand-drawn and digitally coloured animatic for a proposed commercial for The Soil Association.