Matt Hickmott

During my time at University, I've engaged with both fiction and non-fiction storytelling and am committed to creating work that explores untold stories from marginalised groups. Specifically, my passion is to write/direct work that merges queerness with universal themes to bring queer experiences into mainstream filmmaking.

Primarily I have taken on the role of Producer/First Assistant director where I have developed an excellent set of communication and organisation skills and from this have gained work with a BBC commissioned short film organising shoot schedules and budgets.

Most recently I’ve produced films for the organisation, NHS Say No, which has accumulated over

20,000 views and assistant directed a project funded by BBC New Creatives to explore themes of race and misogyny within the UK.

Currently, I’m developing Wipers, a short comedy-drama exploring the awkwardness of a disjointed father-son relationship and Yaz a short drama exploring the complexities of childhood and poverty.


This is the full cinematic version of the #NHSPAY15 campaign film which is narrated with a poem from Shannon O'Sullivan a nurse, who details the hardship and government neglect frontline workers faced during COVID-19.

Carbon Copy

Commissioned by BBC New Creatives, the film is narrated by a spoken word piece written by the director which visually explores intersectional issues of race and misogyny through an experimental approach.

I am Here

Currently, on the festival circuit, The short experimental documentary explores three young creatives and their relationship with heritage. The film details how they use their respective art forms as a method of self-expression and exploration of their own identity.

Mint Scrubs

Mint Scrubs follows Bridgette, a nurse, who after finding an engagement ring from her partner begins questioning her commitment to her complacent relationship. The short drama explores themes of desire, loneliness and regret through a conversational driven narrative.

Strong Man

In the heart of Bristol, an abandoned building has been transformed into a gym for the southwest’s strongest men. At the threat of being abolished this documentary follows Ryan England and his journey to the UK's strongest man 2020 competition.

Creature: Fashion Film

The film is an experimental dance piece for Clothing store 'Jacobs'. The film can be found here: