Scott Newman

I’m a creative individual interested in all things film, writing and design. My journey into film began with an interest in Drama and Theatre, where as a child supporting actor I was lucky enough to work on some blockbuster films, including Robin Hood (2010), Hugo (2011) and World War Z (2013). The experiences on these films have contributed to my love of the creative arts.

This has led to me studying Filmmaking at UWE Bristol where I have worked on numerous student films and projects. Outside of my studies I've also continued with my hobbies of writing and board game

design. Now, I look to take my skills to a professional level.

The Boy and The Balloon

My third-year UWE Filmmaking graduate project which I produced. A heart-warming story that follows a despondent supermarket employee and his encounters with an annoying boy with a balloon.

The Bum's Rush

The Bum’s Rush, my first-year project where I worked as the director and writer. A comedy mockumentary that follows a young enforcement officer on his first rent collection.


My second year project at UWE Bristol where I worked as writer and director. A comedic short following a young funeral director who attempts to impress his ex when directing her mum’s funeral.

Soil, Not Dirt

A commercial short film produced for the UWE Filmmaking course to fulfil a brief from the Soil Association where I worked as the production designer (and camera/puppet operator).

Fights, Camera, Action! - Board game

An awesome second year UWE Filmmaking project where I had the opportunity to bring my passion for board game design together with filmmaking. The game is based around a comedic exaggeration of the conflicts that can occur on set.