Alice Worne

My practice investigates different themes of individualised childhood imagery, written internal dialogues and repeated motifs through the mediums of ceramic sculpture, woodwork and painting. I often extract intimate doodles and confessionals that embellish larger scale works and I'm interested in discovering why my privacy in mark-making often reshapes to larger, warped scales in my pieces.

My process relies heavily on my own doodles alongside the narrative that follows in writing. I naturally allow the materials I employ to celebrate my intentions in play, whilst also embracing the physicality of making work that is public, yet still private to me.

Devil Energy

38x31”, Spray paint, acrylic on wood, 2020

Still a lucky boy

6x3.5", acrylic, pen and varnish on ceramics, 2021

Sweet Nothing

24x32", acrylic and oil pastel on wood, 2020

Foot fetish

Collaboration with prop-maker India Macdonald, Bike helmet and acrylic, 2020

Untitled installation

2x2 metres, acrylic on wood, 2021

The cat that bit my fingers off

approx. 6x8", acrylic and varnish on ceramic, 2021