Jess Warner-Buttery

I’m a graphic designer who is especially inspired by editorial, typographic and web design. It’s important to me to utilise design as a tool for positive change and communication. I pride myself on my visual and copywriting skills, as well as being a motivated self-starter who enjoys taking personal responsibility for aspects of a project, both alone and as part of a collaborative team. Problem-solving is something I take care to approach in a way that is open-minded, curious and well researched. I'm excited to continue my journey through the graphic design industry and connect with more people, so

feel free to reach out to me if that's something you'd like to do!

The Pandemic Graduates

An A2 Poster series I designed to celebrate the unique skillset and perspective those of us graduating during the pandemic will be entering the creative industry with.

How Can I Help?

A B5 zine focussed on driving individuals to take action against wealth divide in the UK. The zine features a chart to help readers decide what they're able to do, and resources and information on different positive actions to follow.

Nostalgia: An Exploration

A book exploring the topic of nostalgia and what it means to different people, through essays, infographics, a photo series and other topics such as nostalgia marketing.


A B5 zine de bunking "finger pointing", stereotypes and myths perpetuated about those claiming universal credit benefits, as part of my work around tackling wealth divide in the UK.

'Mosaic: Just A Number' Website

A visual walkthrough of my "Just A Number" website, a response style outcome focussed on Experian's 'Mosiac' Consumer Classification System, the categorisation and stereotypes it perpetuates, what data on UK citizens they sell and who it is sold to.