Charlotte Hudson

I use words. I am a visual thinker. Sometimes to tell stories, sometimes to confuse. Language is universal and exclusive all at the same time, this is the basis of my works. I create textual pieces shaped by my surroundings and the people around me. The use of text in art has been something that I’ve been infactuated by, whether it be complimenting a piece or being a stand-alone sentence. Language to me is one of the most creative expressions available in the art world, it inspires, makes you think.

I have been working on three commission opportunities working

in multiple capacities on different briefs mainly in graphic arts and photography. I aim to create for a career and develop my skills and grow through commission based work. also recently becoming the CEO of 'Simple Synergy', an up-and-coming social enterprise encouraging professionals to link with creative students to offer opportunities

Loyle Carner

Photorealistic, Graphic Illustration

Take Five

Graphic illustration


A collection of my abstract videography work including kinetic typography, morse code installations and experimental pieces.

Discover, Morse.1

Middle Of It