Florence Thompson

The Hi, How Are You? Project

Using visual artwork, I want to encourage people of all ages to start a conversation about mental health and well-being by using the greeting ‘Hi, How Are You?’ This can be a difficult conversation to begin, however, by combining a creative and cathartic activity, the process will enable individuals to express themselves whilst focusing on the task. This is a mindful project and it is as much about enjoying the activity as the finished art work.

There are 16 panels to complete a final piece and each person decorates one section. The designs show the

overall installation when all the individual sections are put together. It is designed to illustrate the fact that we all can be a small part of something bigger by coming together.

People can join the project through the website linked below.

Penn Hall School

Penn Hall School teaches children and young people aged 3-19 years old with learning disabilities. I have worked virtually with Penn Hall in Wolverhampton as their students present their work in response to the project.

Notes made by the teacher of the class on what they talked about regarding the ‘Hi, How Are You?’ message.

Blakeley Heath Primary School

I have also worked virtually with Blakeley Heath Primary School in South Staffordshire. This is their response to the project which is displayed in the school.

Comments from the students when they were asked what they think the idea behind the project is and how it has made them feel.