George Avill

My practice is an investigation into the lack of effective inclusivity in the Queer community but mostly it is 'an exercise in poor taste'.

I like to invite people to put their feet up in kitschy living rooms I have fabricated but then their feet fall through the poof because it’s made out of old banana boxes and doyleys and I’m making them watch my friend eating a trifle with their bare hands as their clown nose falls into the custard.

When people ask what I think my best quality is I always say ‘I try really hard! I’m

not the best but I try the most!’ which didn’t make me very popular from the ages of 12 to 17. Now I am a whole adult person it has reaped more substantial benefits; I have worked for Arnolfini Archive’s, Broadbent Gallery, Vidal Sassoon in their 2020.2 collection and HUF magazine.

no place like home

Performance piece within installation, hand sewn garment and short film. 2021.

welcome home.

Installation, short film and performance piece. 2019.

guess how much i love you

Film photograph. 10cm x 15cm. 2020.

where's the remote?

Short film. 2020.


Digital Photomontage. 2020.