Hanna Crosby

I am obsessed with how paint moves and sits, how colour is expressed and the effect of the finished object on a space. Starting my paintings without a specific plan for the outcome, I prefer to stay actively engaged with the process through trialling and negotiating ideas and materials until a resolution is reached. I possess a compulsion to make, feeling the constant need to work in order to keep up with my constant ideas. Not even I know what will come out of my practice next.

Sometimes seeming more relevant to my everyday culture than art is, memes and

internet culture offers imagery just as intriguing as galleries. Absurd and sometimes just ridiculously pointlessness, I have recently enjoyed creating and sharing work expressing this humour. This only further encouraged my urgency to create, and I am keen to continue developing this as I continue as a Bristol-based artist.


12 x 12" Oil, Acrylic, Interior Paint, Polyfiller and Soft Pastel on MDF


12 x 12" Collage, Acrylic and Interior Paint on MDF


16 x 11 x 11" Metal Straw, Stella Glass, Spaghetti, Pesto and Silver Tray on Mahogany Table Photograph of Installation featured in my Exhibition Proposal 'Blursed'


12 x 12" Collage, Acrylic and Interior Paint on MDF


6 x 6" Oil and Acrylic on MDF

PDF - click image to view

End of Degree

Publication displaying my personal favourite pieces created over my degree in addition to the exhibition proposal, 'Blursed', which I created in place of the degree show.