Hannah Stratford

I am an artist who explores tactility and interaction through the convergence of material and form. Often incorporating themes of humour, tacit erotism and the juvenile, I hope to incite a sense of familiarity and dissociation of the human form and condition through my work. I am a multidisciplinary artist who's practice flows in between physical sculpture and installation, writing and digital formats. Doing so in a fluid and pragmatic way helps inform my final outcomes with critical context, as I explore narratives through a range of mediums before finalising a work. I hope to continue as

a practicing artist in Bristol, alongside the opportunity of starting a small creative business that I have been awarded through the UWE Enterprise Scholarship scheme. While doing so, I will continue to seek work in Bristol's diverse creative industry to support the sector and my own creative ventures.

Oh NO ! I've Dropped my Ice Cream Cone !

Print Chicken wire, Modroc, plaster, acrylic, PVA glue

Running Tummy

121 x 35 x 40cm Chicken Wire, Modroc, acrylic paint, welded steel

Sweet Dreams in Mud and Rubble

digital collage, found images, personal images, 2021 sculpture

PDF - click image to view

To Put Your Hands Inside Yourself

This is an extended text that exists alongside the physical body of my work. Please note that there are themes of a sexual nature so please do not continue if this is triggering to you.


160 x 110 x 70cm chicken wire, modroc, fine casting plaster, acrylic paint, welded steel

K(not) Knitting Machine

K(not) Knitting Machine 1.1 x 3.4 x 0.7m Chicken wire, Modroc, plaster, acrylic paint, found objects, expanding foam, fringe, rope, wood

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