Imogen Scobie

I explore the relations between phenomena through engaging with the non-human and questioning anthropocentrism. I zoom in and out of biological and mechanical systems, processes and cycles that occur on all scales, for example, digestion, reproduction, river systems, factories, farms, and decay. My work draws parallels between these seemingly different occurrences; reflecting the manipulative and exploitative ways these processes connect, feed and grow. My work explores aliveness from both the inside and outside, exposing the functions and purposes of what we consider to be living and raising questions about our social attitudes towards that which surrounds and sustains us.

I breakdown my findings, then build them back up again. Playing with functionality, creating new situations and allowing my work to grow beyond my control, offers glimpses at the strangeness of human relationships with the non-human. This can only be noticed when we search beyond normal categorisations.

Consume, Function, Perform. mixed media installation, video documentation: 6:00 minutes (2021)

Untitled, stop-motion animation, recorded soundscape, 3:14 minutes (2021)

Consume, Function, Perform. mixed media installation (2021)

Machine 3, found object, electric wind screen wiper, steel, 68 x 75 cm, (2021)

Publication Book, bockingford white paper, 12.5 x 12.5 cm (2021)

Machine 1, found object, micro geared motors, water, paint, wire, wood, 150 x 100 x 50 cm (2021)