Maisie Moon

My practice incorporates a varied use of objects and activity, with a strong emphasis on the act of play. ‘What If...’ are words that serve as a launch-pad for many of my artworks, and have guided my practice through experimentations in installation, film and live-art. Themes of propriety, seriousness, self, meaning, pointlessness and responsibility are explored throughout my practice.

Groan Tube (2019)

Live Performance, 3:00.

Dinner with Willie (2020)

Film, 5:22.

Birthday (2020)

Performance at Spike Island, 3:07. Set used for post performance installation.

It only takes a Minute (2018)

Film, 1:01.

On your own Face (2020)

Film, 0:53.

Children's Entertainer (2019)

Film, 5:52.