Natasha Watson

Sitting in my hallowed ground, I find the compulsive obsessive
Perfection of Man. An endless deliberation /
Crystallisation of existence. As always, suffering a sea change,
we rearrange
into new shapes.
This was the Dream: Freely floating,
how long after death does the brain remain conscious?
(Final Destination)
Like the lining of starling feathers, holographic and golden
A flock / constellation of shooting stars
with desire to reach the infinite.

Natasha combines her fascination of all that is ethereal/otherworldly/folkloric with a deep interest in

the fluctuations and formations of community and subculture. She investigates the intricacies of subjects including (im)mortality, transcendence, decay, ephemerality vs permanence, societal vs individual memory and consciousness, urban expression and public representation of different demographics. Through this, Natasha's practice has developed a multidisciplinary approach that pairs her passion for community engagement and social interaction with the more delicate, traditional elements of her art.

/Tash was ere/


Multimedia installation, 2021. This project was an exploration of my experience living in Bristol for the past 3 years, using the template of renaissance celestial cartography to combine several pieces through the narrative of an otherworldly being traversing our plane.

artwork by natasha watson, digital illustration/photography/poetry

Filton Avenue

Digital artwork combining photography, illustration and poetry. This piece was part of my COSMOS / COR MEUM / PATRIA project, and it is reminiscent of my stream of consciousness/cut up style poetry written while on buses going through the city.

artwork by natasha watson, painting and mindmap

Summer Solstice

Multimedia double page spread from a zine I contributed to as part of a collective (EarthBodies,2020). The mindmap demonstrates my planning and prep for the larger piece; the actual painting is an exploration of a folkloric narrative about summer solstice.

Door 2 Door

Collaborative documentary, 2020. I did an interactive mural painting on my front door in the town centre, with the intention of using creativity to emphasise the importance of community connection/resolution, and encouraging a societal 'opening of doors' to eachother.

Photograph by Natasha Watson, cover image for PDF

PDF - click image to view

Power of Protest: Occupying Space to Spark a Societal Sea Change

My Independent Research Project: an article detailing research I conducted into the essential role creative public occupancy plays in opening up the accessibility and representation of different communities using specific case studies (BLM 2020 vs the Subway Art Movement 1970s).