Dr James Bragg

Download Mindscape - a virtual world from https://jamesbragg.itch.io/mindscape

I am interested in how digital objects can have meaning attached to them in a similar way that physical objects do. I have been exploring what objects can mean to people and to what extent they can express a person’s memories, relationships, and character.

The imagination is vital to being human and imaginary worlds have a significant place in our lives and societies. Virtual reality technology gives us new ways of visualising our imagination and also deconstructs the process by which we perceive reality.

I am working on various techniques to make representations in

digital based on information from the real such as photogrammetry and tracking movements. I also have been moving objects from the digital into the physical through 3D additive printing and casting. Often data has passed between the digital and real a number of times with various distortions accumulating.


Mindscape is a virtual world of digital objects which have connections to me, with narrated explanations – I own them, or they were gifts or inherited, I made them, or I just liked the way they looked.


This world can be viewed and explored on a PC or Mac computer screen, but also can be experienced in full 3D with a Oculus Quest2 headset.


Views from within Mindscape.

Mindscape - projected

In a gallery or room setting Mindscape can be displayed using multiple projectors, stereo speakers and an Xbox controller. This is a more communal experience with a more natural interface.