Daria Lemesheva

I grew up at the intersection of multiple cultures, each of which had a lasting impact on my creative vision and projects. My art often consists of a balanced blend of visual nostalgia and modern trends. I like to add a distinctive flair to my projects using colour combinations, illustration elements, and thoughtful compositions. I live and work from Prague at the moment and enjoy working on projects that include visual identity, illustration, and, most of all, room for new original ideas. My passion reaches beyond graphic design. As a new graduate, I am looking forward to being a

part of many different interesting opportunities, which I actively try to seek out.

Cottage & Restaurant Visual Identity

On a Hill 1795 is a mix of a cottage and a restaurant placed in the nature of the Czech region of Vysocina since 1795. With the new owner comes a new and fresh visual identity.

Walk Me There App UI and Identity

Visual identity and UI design for an app that helps to make the path to sustainable and eco-friendly living in the city easier, using a database of relevant city services, businesses, events, and further self-education resources.

NEOWISE Publication

NEOWISE publication is a little guide to one of the greatest comets that our eyes were able to see. The publication was created in a retro style to embrace the golden era of astronautics and space discoveries.

Star Night Patterns Posters

Series of two posters for an event dedicated to starry sky observations. The entire illustration is dotted by hand. The random composition of dots is meant to evoke the pattern of stars in the night sky.

Real England Zine

Real England is a short visual reaction to a book of the same name written by Paul Kingsnorth. Representing the main idea of Kingsnorth's thoughts, the zine translates them into content understandable for a younger audience.

Prague Postcards

Alternative illustrated Prague postcard design in two slightly different variations as a part of a project dedicated to visual aspects of the city.