Walk Me There

Walk Me There provides an easily accessible guide to sustainable and eco-friendly services, businesses, and events with navigation, helping a user to make sustainable choices easier every day. The long-term impact lies in helping people to internalize these sustainable habits, leading to a society with sustainability as a core value.

The path to sustainability does not end with eco-friendly services and sustainable shopping, we’d like to promote other steps for global change with our app. We will include links to scientific articles, petitions, local events and other resources, to help users actively engage in the world of eco-activism and further

their self-education on the topic of climate change and sustainability.

The goal of our app is to simplify a person’s path to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sarka Navratilikova (Designer), Daria Lemesheva (Leading Designer)

This app is useful both for exploration and learning at home, as well as for immediate use on the go, where the app will show you the nearest business and services of your interest and many more.

All information is pre-sorted, and its credibility is checked. Thanks to these elements, the path to sustainable living and education become much easier for individuals.