Flora Macrae

I have just completed my degree in Graphic Design and am now doing an internship at a design agency in Bristol! As a graphic designer, I am particularly interested in illustration, book design and concept art for games. I am especially inspired by design from other cultures and hope that at one point in my career, I can work in a new country.

The Game of Privilege - Privilege Top Trumps

This card game is a way of introducing primary school-aged children to the concept of privilege in a safe environment.

Children + Privilege

A publication that explores how children understand privilege as well as how you can introduce new abstract concepts to them. The words are by a local primary school teacher.

Conversation Starter

A series of posters that aim to start a conversation between 16-35-year-olds in the UK. The posters ask a series of questions that most people may never have previously considered.

Privilege: No Results Found

An animated video aiming to inspire the younger generation about what can be done for privilege and how we can create a more equal world. https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/543671554


A website where people can go to learn about the different types of privilege that exists. Each illustrated character has a backstory that explains why they experience some types of privilege but not others.

Invisible Cities - International Society of Typographic Designers

A visual game that can be explored virtually. This image is based on the poem Esmerelda from the book "Invisible Cities", aiming to make the poetry easier for school-aged children to understand.