Grace Mitchell

I am a graduate designer and specialize in type, print, and album design. I also do photography, film and animation.
I have had the privilege of working with upcoming artists in the Bristol area. Together, with their vision and my passion for design, we have created countless album covers and track cover pieces. You can search for 'Frac' on Spotify to see some of my work! I am currently employed by marketing manager Anna Blightman and have created branded assets for various venues around Bristol, including The Canteen, No.1 Harbourside and The Old Market Assembly. If you find yourself

in any of these, check out my poster, banner and menu work! I am also employed as an amateur designer for Garrett Creative and have personally worked on a children's book (The Little Mermaid and the Great Big Factory), which has been published!

Pay Fair

This poster project is all about encouraging people to pay their designers fairly. I have created a concept for a campaign (#PayFair).

7 Steps Campaign

7 Steps is a campaign dedicated to improving body image perceptions among young people who regularly use social media. Why? Improving personal body image perceptions will, in turn, improve mental health.

Animated poster series

Animated poster series focusing on what the body does during our favourite hobbies/ activities. The idea is to refresh our appreciation for our bodies and shift the focus from what we look like to what we can do.

The Real Cost

This Zine shows how much work should impact my life in my personal opinion. This helps keeps things in check.

Frac - Diva

This is the cover art I designed for Bristol artist Frac, for his track Diva.

Childrens' Book and T-shirt design for the Future Economy Network (Garrett Creative)

These are two of the projects I worked on for Garrett Creative. I designed a children's book with the illustrations from the talented Afra Kingdon and designed promotional t-shirts for the Future Economy Network.