Kirsty MacLeod

Based near London, I am a concept and communication driven creative. My interests within graphic design are multi-disciplinary, however I have a keen focus on art direction, typography, illustration and branding.

I like my work to be both playful and provocative, and my ethos as a designer is to embed meaning and communication within the visual styling of my work, to challenge its subject and to spark curiosity, questioning or conversation amongst its audience. My approach is often experimental and ambitious, and I have endeavoured to use my design process as a means of learning and developing my

design skills as a designer throughout my time as a student.

In graduating this year, I hope to continue to expand my creative repertoire and further develop my technical proficiencies as I enter the exciting and ever-expanding design sector.

Arson Flipbook Publication Demonstration

A flip book demonstrating how quickly a fire can escalate in the home if a child is left unattended with matches. The flip book aims to demonstrate in real-time how quickly a flame sparks from a match.

Productivity and Order: Debunking the 9-to-5

An ISTD Publication for the 'Putting Things in Order' 2020/2021 brief, this project explores the modern day business model of a 8-hour work day, its origins and initial purpose, its problems, and its alternatives, providing an argument for its abolition.

Home is Where the Fire is

This piece is a playful take on the vintage style 'Home Sweet Home' cross-stitch art you might find in your grandma's living room. It speaks to the dangers that domestic fires pose to households.

'A Sense of Safety' Proposal

A conceptual proposal presentation for my final project on the theme of safety. The visuals explore physical safety whilst alluding to the psychological effects safety measures can also have, presenting as both comforting and suffocatingly oppressive at times.