Lauren Boxall

I am a graphic designer, illustrator and lover of all things design. Within my work, I enjoy experimenting with colour, pattern, and illustration. I love to create engaging, relatable work using new processes and mediums, and I am always enthusiastic about learning new things and developing my creative ability. My work is human and joyful, and I enjoy the creative process as much as the final outcome. I am enthusiastic and eager and would love to work within a studio environment to develop my skill further and explore the design world in more depth.

time = money

A gif style moving poster that comments on the capitalist and consumerist based society in which we live, using mottos that reflect these attitudes.

mindfulness alarm

A moving image piece that plays on the traditional idea of the alarm, designed to focus on the act of thinking and breathing, reminding the audience to take 5 minutes out of their day to stop, think and breathe.

PDF - click image to view

what remembering looks like

A poster series designed to visualise what it looks like to remember or forget.

PDF - click image to view


A fun publication exploring the associations made between memories and specific objects and smells.