Li Voon Lee

This is Li Voon Lee, also known as Jenny, your creative Asian Graphic Designer who was born in Malaysia and now based in Bristol. I specialise in all digital and print-based sectors. Human rights and freedom of expression are my passion; I studied the LGBTQ+ in Asian context for my final year.

Why add me to your workforce? I am a highly motivated and hardworking individual with an innovative and adaptable style who cultivates productive and engaging company culture. I am comfortable working as part of a team and focusing on providing high standard design solutions for the business.

The LGBTQ+ Asian Cookbook

An illustrative cookbook that discusses LGBTQ+ in an Asian context with fun, authentic Asian recipes from various origins ranging from Japanese to Chinese.

Aunties, Uncles & the LGBTQ+

Aunties, Uncles & the LGBTQ+ is a booklet containing personal interviews with the older generation of Asian descent regarding the LGBTQ+ community and their opinions of it. The illustration style and design concept are rooted in vintage Chinese comic books.

LGBTQ+: A Covert Language

A series of handmade zines that promote the LGBTQ+ community and its secret language rooted in music, art, and history.

LGBTQ+ Asian Cookbook Clips

A digital expansion of the LGBTQ+ Asian Cookbook, featuring some of the characters in the cookbook sharing fun facts about the LGBTQ+ in a series of short clips.

LGBTQ+ Bullying & Exclusion in Asian Schools

A series of posters raising the issue of diversity in the Asian education system in order to educate its readers and encourage equality.