Sarah Brennan

My work centres around my love for portraits and people, and combining it with topics I am inspired by such as social and political issues, as well as cinematography and pop culture. I am always inspired by people and their stories especially focusing on those that are underrepresented. I have developed my art style throughout my time at university and I have recently found a passion for creating zines and publications. In the future, I hope to refine my style even further and create works on subjects that are important to me through commissions, exhibitions and publications.

Rosa Parks

This portrait was created to tell the key moments of Rosa Parks involvement in the Civil Rights Movement in America.

Frida Kahlo

This portrait was created to honour influential women who have created change, which was then used in my publication on the same matter.

Maya Angelou

This piece is a digital portrait of Maya Angelou with an overlay of her poem, 'Still I Rise'

Civil Rights Movement

These are three works from my Civil Rights Movement series. These panels show the story of Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges and The Little Rock Nine

Jen Reid

This piece is based on the Colston statue toppling in June 2020, where Jen Reid became the symbol of the Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol by raising her hand into a black power salute on top of the plinth.

Social Media Addiction

This editorial piece was in response to an article about social media addiction in young people