Rebecca Jones

I am a graphic designer based in Bristol. My work promotes ideas around social change and current issues, such as housing and climate. I focus on editorial work as well as utilising 3D materials and tactile features to create a stronger relationship between the designer, the outcome and the audience.

I am currently undertaking a graphic design internship at Cennox.

The Urban Design of Milton Keynes

A multi-section book exploring different aspects of The Urban Design of Milton Keynes detailing the vision for the town, the grid system, the architecture and sustainability.

Notes to Neighbours

24 hand-written notes to neighbours inviting them to sing happy birthday for my mum's 60th birthday during the lockdown.

Bricks + Mortar: Land Banking

As part of a whole class live brief, my group aimed to make people more aware of areas that are land banked and the issue it poses in Bristol by demonstrating what the land could be better used for. The end result was a public installation and exhibition.

Collaborators: Ashley Deniz Locke (Designer), Pippa Cairns (Designer)

A Guide to Communal Living

A publication introducing the concept of communal living and exploring the benefits, including environmental, financial and social gains. I printed and bound the publication myself on a variety of paper stock with coptic stitch binding.

Do You Know Your Neighbours?

A painted wearable A-board designed to be worn in public to start a conversation with people and promote interaction with neighbours.

A-PART(Y) Virtual Street Party

A virtual street party tool for some light relief and connection with neighbours in the midst of Covid-19. The website promotes ways to connect with neighbours during lockdown to emanate a street party.

Collaborators: Leah Williams (Web Designer)