With a passion for visual storytelling, wanting to capture, recreate & invent moments for people to explore & relive. With a background in Photography & Videography ive always wanted to find new ways to immerse people within content & bring it to them in ways they never thought they needed. Now studying Virtual & Extended Realities, this offers whole new dimensions of whats possible & allows the viewers to have a whole new level of engagement.

Augmented Reality Vinyl

With the use of AR i was able to bring the first track of the Harry Potter Vinyl to life.

Augmented Reality Magazine

Wanting to commemorate 1000 episodes of A State of Trance, I created a magazine, which is also augmentable to reveal interviews, be hind the scenes, live sets, 360 videos & more.

Showreel 2020 360 Video

Showreel of my 360 work up to 2020

A State of Trance VR Experience - Screen Recording

Screen Recording of a Virtual Reality Experience around A State of Trance where you can explore the content i captured over the past 5 years at the festival. From live performances, learning more about the artists & more

World Youth Day VR Experience - Screen recording

Screen Recording of a Virtual Reality Experience around World Youth Day where you can learn more about the pilgrimage & what it is. Relive the Panama 2019 pilgrimage, learn & see other past events aswell.