Benji Jackson

Hi! I'm Benji Jackson, an artist, illustrator and all around nice person from Dorset, currently based in Bristol.

My strengths lie in constructing narratives, character and production design and concept art. I am particularly interested in creating high-atmospheric scenes and subjects surrounding social issues and representation, especially LGBTQ+ themes.

My work shown here are designs for my original story "True Colours", acting as concept designs for a hypothetical feature length animated film written by me. It is a reimagining of the Stonewall Uprising of 1969, the birth of the Gay Liberation movement and the first pride parade, set in a world

where most people have grey skin but queer people have a colourful glow they have to hide to avoid abuse arrest.

Full cast of "True Colours"

The Cast of True Colours

The full cast of my film True Colours, where the queer colourful characters are each based on their colour's meaning in the original pride flag.

Concept art

Marsha's Spot

Every night, Marsha goes down to the dock and speaks to her Father looking into reflection in the water. This also calms her when she's feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Concept art

The Stone Wall Fights Back

After one too many brutal raids from the Police, the community at the Stone Wall reach their breaking point & fight back for the first time, opening themselves up to the outside world.

Concept art

The Real World

Marsha takes Misty out of the city for the first time as she's struggling to accept her colours. The brilliant colours of the natural world inspire her to be proud of her colours & finally remove her grey hoodie.

Concept art

The Commune

The Colourful community live in secret in an abandoned prison, reclaimed as they became so used to living in cells. Each member has their own "cube", personalised with their own colourful lights.

Concept art

The First Pride Parade

At the climax of the film, Marsha is publicly humiliated infront of a crowd of Police officers and a battle breaks out. After regaining her strength in The Forest, she returns to end the fight and they walk away together.