I see myself as primarily a 3D modeller, but I also have a background in the entire design process for games/films such as experience with animation, texturing and post processing.

I started off with most of my experience in software such as Maya and zBrush, but since the Masters started I have pushed myself to experimenting with a whole range of software to develop my skills more widely, from learning Unity to create virtual & augmented reality experiences, Agisoft to capture real world objects & creating digital assets and even a bit of coding in Microsoft Visual Studio.


my goal, once my Masters is completed, is to either start working for a VR company in the design side creating anything from assets to environments, or possibly going on to do a PhD.

Terminal Tides VR

This was the image I created for module one where my task was to create an application to the Oculus store. The idea was for it to be a virtual documentary exploring the rising sea level.

Data Mine - What data can be tracked in VR? (Heat Map Example)

For module two I had to propose one idea that I thought would warrant development, and decided on a VR game that tracked the different types of data & relay it to the user. Here I tracked eye gaze data.

Data Mine - What data can be tracked in VR? (Motion Tracking Example)

Another example of data I experimented with recording was user movement data. Here I created a script in Unity that recorded movements of user one (left) and replicated them on the empty user when I enabled the script.

Environment Creation Unity

For module 3 I had to create several environments that could be used in a game. Although this version was not chosen, it was my first attempt at using shader graphs & effects in Unity. *Concept by Kate Parkinson

Groot Photogrammetry Scan

I experimented with photogrammetry scanning as a way of exploring how I can incorporate real world objects into virtual worlds, quickly and with high detail.

AR Experimentation

Although the vast majority of my focus has been in VR, I have also experimented with AR during the Masters. This is an example of a face filter I created.