Ross began his journey with computer games and movie design with his BSc (Hons) Computer Animation degree from the University of Portsmouth.

Having been an early believer in the potential of XR, Ross had his first experience of Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift CV1. Since then with the ever improving comfort and screen technology, his passion for the medium has grown from strength to strength.

With this passion and belief, Ross jumped at the chance at the start of 2021 to enrol for MA Virtual and Extended Realities at the University of West of England.

Predominantly focused on Virtual Reality, though

also keen to experiment with augmented reality when given the chance, Ross has been developing extensive skills for creating a wide range of experiences, from animated short films to data tracking.

Wordfall VR

'Wordfall' is an animated VR short film, created for the final project of my MA. My role within this was that of Unity Developer, however I also took on various other responsibilities, such as 3D artist & animator.

In The Flow

'In The Flow' was a group project that I was involved in for Limina Immersive. Our task was to create a research-based VR game. My role was to build the environment and bring together the assets in game.

Data Mine - What data can be tracked in VR? (Heat Map Example)

For module two I had to propose one idea that I thought would warrant development, and decided on a VR game that tracked the different types of data & relay it to the user. Here I tracked eye gaze data.

Data Mine - What data can be tracked in VR? (Motion Tracking Example)

Another example of data I experimented with recording was user movement data. Here I created a script in Unity that recorded movements of user one (left) and replicated them on the empty user when I enabled the script.

Terminal Tides VR

This was the image I created for module one where my task was to create an application to the Oculus store. The idea was for it to be a virtual documentary exploring the rising sea level.

AR Experimentation

Although the vast majority of my focus has been in VR, I have also experimented with AR during the Masters. This is an example of a face filter I created.