Beth Dawson

I am a queer artist who mostly pulls from politics and life experiences to create work that I feel encapsulates my stance on topics surrounding fields such as the queer experience and the pig-headed government. As well as this, I enjoy creating characters and stories too, though my main focus for a future career is becoming an art tutor to encourage a future generation of strong artists hopefully.

Colston statue with eggy eyes

During the Black Lives Matter March (June 2020) the Colston statue was toppled and previous to that, it was egged, the idea of it crying eggs before it was torn down was entertaining to me.

Johnson’s supplies

One of multiple editorial pieces in response to an article titled “ Boris Johnson said he ‘loved’ fox hunting in a ‘semi-sexual’ way and encouraged illegal hunts to ignore ban”

Colston drowns

A piece in response to the 2020 Black Lives Matter March where the statue of Colston was thrown into the Bristol harbour.

BBC coverage

This is a piece in response to the pushing of the police and crime bill, the media reported the situation as unprovoked chaos but never covered/cover the fact that many feel most violence is incited by the police

Melting under the spotlights

This is a piece in a collection of illustrations that cover celebrities in culturally appropriative/insensitive outfits. This one depicts Katy Perry in her ‘geisha’ outfit melting under the spotlights after she faced a lot of backlash for her performance

Black spider memos

This is a piece of another series of illustrations that look into the corruption in high places, Prince Charles is known for his blatant lobbying and scribbly letters that he sends to members of parliament where he abuses his authority.