Julia Kielbowicz

I'm a multi-disciplinary and research oriented artist which always strives to appropriately re-package my findings into relevant and meaningful artworks. I often interlace etching into my practice as print is generally a strong suit and something I really enjoy doing. Although my work has a lot of decorative potential, it's always discussing a well-researched topic even if that is in a more abstract sense- meaning I'm interested in pursuing meaningful work in the future, but I'm very open to going into perhaps packaging or interior design. My subject matters tend to orient around matters which I find are close

to heart, pressing to discuss or interest me. In order for appropriate delivery to an audience, I've experimented with working in various mediums- illustrating, fine art, film, photography, print-making, costume design and metal work to name a few. I'm very versatile and challenge myself to achieve the best end result.

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"Skimpact"- Aquatint etchings

These etchings depict/represent various skin textures or "defects" and are based off of primary research picture submissions. The left represents marks on the skin that irritate it, and the right represents marks on the skin acquired through injury.

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"Skimpact"- Projected etchings photoshoot

I projected my etchings onto a human to put my work into context- i.e putting the marks back on the skin. I photographed appropriate parts of the body in accordance to etchings which showcased said mark.

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"Skimpact"- The books

I created two artist books with various paper stocks and hardback covering. One very textured, and one smooth. Both covers are padded to create the feeling of gripping skin. Excerpts of interviews are used to annotate and overlay the images.

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"FDA Handbook project"- Aquatint etchings

This project focused on exposing the horrors of the allowed food defects in American food. The aquatint etchings have beautifying qualities which is an ironic play on how the US glosses over these defects.

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"FDA Handbook project"- Ceramic plates

I created ceramic plates from the above etchings to put my work back into context: in this case putting the "faulted foods" back on the plate.

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"Criminal Cuisine" - Electro-etching

A project about death row last meals which I 'illustrated' in the style of an artist book. I electro-etched into steel as this was more appropriate to the subject matter than conventionally etching into copper.