Kim Turton

I'm a multi-disciplinary artist who uses a variety of mediums to express raw emotions. My works are bold and thought provoking; I enjoy incorporating cultures from the East and West due to my British and Chinese upbringing. Through studying in UWE Bristol I've explored numerous fields, but in my final year I started experimenting with videography and performance art.

Faraway Home Photobook

A handmade wooden box containing all four of my artist books.

Faraway Home Photobook

A few spreads of my artist book after they were printed and stab-binded.

Faraway Home Short Film

A short film of performing calligraphy key phrases of my chosen Chinese Tang poems with audio, English and Chinese subtitles.

Faraway Home

A double page spread of the English version of my artist book which touches on the topic of missing home, family and friends through investigating Chinese Tang poems after transcribing them into Bronze Script.

Faraway Home

A double page spread of the Chinese version of my artist book.

Map of Poem About My Rights

A response to a poem by June Jordan that talks about oppression and violence towards women.