Monica Neagu

I am a playful illustrator and graphic designer based in Bristol, United Kingdom. My work is colourful and cheerful, as I aim to create visually impactful material for young audiences. I enjoy writing and illustrating short stories and poems, as I have proven throughout my body of work. A good part of my artworks is generated through digital means. In this sense, I am most proficient with Adobe Suite – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to be precise. I work comfortably with traditional mediums as well, such as watercolours, gouache, and crayons.

My long-term motivation is to

contribute to the publishing industry with visually appealing material by creating picture books, supporting imagery for manuals and schoolbooks, and so forth. If joyful illustration is required, I can easily adapt to my given brief, regardless of the domain.

The Queen of Bumblebees

Illustration created as part of a short illustrated story about a bumblebee's rescue.

AIVImedia.hub Editorals

Illustrations created for an online news platform, AIVImedia.hub.

Song of the Forest

Personal illustration made to further explore my art style.

In Grandma's Closet

Illustrations created as part of a short story about nostalgia. A young kid goes through her late grandma’s possessions, crossing the bridge between the present and the past.

Eru's Star

Illustration created as part of my "Eru's Star" picturebook.