Regan Curry

I'm a multi disciplinary artist that specialises in digital illustration; however I've recently started experimenting with textiles and rug tufting. My work usually comprises of bold shapes and bright colours whilst exploring subjects that resonate with me. For example: animal welfare, the 1970s, music, food, films, social issues and mental health. I try to make my work relatable, inclusive, and accessible to all audiences.

I have skills in Adobe suite, as well as Procreate and photography that I like to combine to create original and abstract work. I also like working in a more graphic style and producing bold

graphic posters. My textile work allows me to work in a more physical way and helps me to explore different textures and patterns, which I feel communicates my thoughts about somewhat sensitive subjects well.


Tufted textile piece based on a common Schizophrenic hallucination. This piece was created to bring awareness to the disorder as well as being soft and comforting.


Digital illustration inspired by the 1960s/1970s. Designed with the intention of becoming a poster or sticker.


Digital illustration of a 1978 Ford Focus. Designed with the intention of becoming either a poster, sticker, t-shirt or editorial illustration.


Tufted textile piece based on a common Schizophrenic hallucination. Combines two different pile heights to add texture and creates a receding element.


Digitally illustrated still life portrait based on a prompt found on Instagram


Digitally illustrated pet portrait commission